Typical "love song" from guitar playing singer/songwriter.. or NOT?!!

Alrighty, hit a temporary road block in my ancestry family tree, Tim's watching golf, Elle is passed out, so now blogging about song lyrics to kill time before baby..

The below video is the song The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out of His Mind by Griffin House.  I first heard this song on a mix that either Molly or Jonathan gave me.  My first take, sweet song, sweet lyrics, sweet guy.. but then I really listened to the lyrics and actual started to despise his lyrics and wonder why so many girls wish they were having this song sung to them.... Anyways the song became a topic of conversation between the three of us for a few weeks.  In the end, (and in my unpopular opinion) what seems like a typical love song, actual makes me realize insecurities of the individual singing the song and it frustrates me to think I thought this was a sweet song at first! 

Opinions on the song/lyrics from an email chain with Molly and Jonathan:

Molly's take: That they were in a relationship, they broke up, now he realizes he f-ed up and has lost her and now he see’s she was the best girlfriend ever.

My take: 

him: too cool for school.. kinda of judgmental.. kind of arrogant because he’s uncomfortable in his own skin …trying hard to be really prolific… trying too hard to be cool

her: a free spirit, beautiful in her own way.. loves people.. loves experiencing life… very happy.. makes everyone around her smile

They were in a quasi relationship…never anything "formal", because that’s not her style.. he gets frustrated because she doesn’t really want to date him in a traditional way.  Everyone loves her, she is happy and has fun and enjoys life.. and she makes him feel happy and important and loved… he realizes its probably better that she doesn’t really want to formally date him.. because he (deep down inside doesn’t feel like he deserves her) and he doesn’t want to really be tied down either.  He doesn’t want to deal with the REAL parts of being in a relationship and the gritty every day to day stuff.. he doesn’t want to catch her peeing with their bathroom door open, take out the trash, talk about bills or taxes together.. he’s likes the way she makes him feel, and that’s all he really needs. 

The songs is about her and is a story about their relationship and how HE feels.. he doesn’t want her to think that he ever really wanted to/or wants to formally date her.  But he appreciates her enough to write a song about her.

You don't need to change
A thing about you babe
(babe is the word you use when you want to be able to use this song for anther girl.. way to keep it generic, plus the word babe itself… come on)
I'm telling you from where I sit  
(he wants to sit far away.. not to close.. )
You're one of a kind
(one of a kind, not very sweet.. not admitting to everything.. I am sure he had some nicer lyrics but changed them cause hes uncomfortable and arrogant)
Relationships I don’t know why
(because you are too scared to ever be in one! They are not perfect 100% of the time)
They never work out and they make you cry
But the guy that says goodbye to you
(a common clique used in modern day romantic comedies where the person who says that is usually the one in love with the girl.. but in this case he doesn’t want to actually be the one with her)
is out of his mind

I've been down and I need your help
I've been feelin' sorry for myself (that's obvious)
Don't hesitate to boost my confidence
(transparency of his (uncomfortable) arrogance and lack of self confidence)

Well I've been lost and I need direction
I could use a little love protection
What you say honey come to my defense
(he sets this up for him to feel bad for her, then he ropes her into a one night stand..pathetic!)

I stand up for you if it's what you need
(since when does a girl need someone to punch someone out for her.. women need emotional support!!)
And I can take a punch, I don't mind to bleed
(I don’t care if you bleed either, is that suppose to woo her?!)
As long as afterwards you feel bad for me
(transparency of his (uncomfortable) arrogance and lack of self confidence)

You give me all of your attention
I've got deep desire and it needs quenching
(again! he sets this up for him to feel bad for her, then he ropes her into a one night stand..pathetic!)
I that's pretty lame for you to see

well enough about me and more about you
Because that'd be the gentlemanly thing to do
(only going to talk about you cause it’s the “gentlemanly” thing to do?  Action speak louder then words, why doesn’t he get that?)
I hope you like your men sweet and nice

I thought I was done with telling you
But I ain't nearly halfway through
I've got a few more things Id like to say to you
(you won't tell her one new thing below except that she drove you crazy #1 and that #2 you want to have a one night stand the one night he’s in town.. this song is mean to act all artsy and poetic.)

You dont need to change
A thing about you babe
I'm telling you from where I sit
You're one of a kind

Relationships I dont know why
They never work out and they make you cry
But the guy that says goodbye to you
is out of his mind, his mind

You always did kinda drive me crazy
(#1 new fact she pissed him off)
And it pissed me off cuz I let it phase me
But I never wanted my time with you to end

Now I'm back in town for a day or two
Mostly I came back just to see you
(#2 new fact, one night stand )
And even now, I dont want to go
(you don’t have to that is your choice, again actions speak louder then words)

You dont need to change
A thing about you babe
I'm telling you from where I sit
You're one of a kind

Relationships I dont know why
They never work out and they make you cry
But the guy that says goodbye to you

is out of his mind (fake love song)

ancestry.com addiction while I wait for baby

Well, I am officially on maternity leave from Amgen and have started what feels like a new job.. ancestry.com researcher (Senior Associate).  I told Tim that when I go into labor, he is going to literally rip my hands off the keyboard and drag me to the hospital.  What started as a simple project to look at family names, possible inspiration for baby names, has turned into a full on research project, going beyond documents found on the websites, to DVRing 3 hour long documentaries on US history in the 30's to fill in blanks in my research.. to say I am obsessed is an understatement!  One huge highlight has been getting in touch with one of my mom's long lost cousins in Canada! She has pictures of her mom and my grandfather and their parents!  Its really incredible.. and my mom's side has really been quite a mystery and fully of family treasures that are slowing being reveled.  As of right now, I know our little girl has lots of Irish blood from both sides of the family, Italian blood, French blood, and close roots to Canada and America's Midwest farm lands in Iowa and Indiana.  I am also getting quite the history lesson trying to piece together bits of information I am finding.  Who knew maternity leave would fly by so fast by my new obsession.. now I just need to pack my hospital bag (has been on the "baby to do list" for well over a month now) ....I just need to bring myself to part from my ancestry workstation here!

Aside from little kick, jabs and various baby body rolls of sorts, my body is still feeling pretty "normal" (for being pregnant, that is).  I was wondering what it was going to feel like days before my due date, but really, not much has changed.  In fact, now that I have stopped working (my paid day job that is) the Braxton Hicks "practice" contractions have stopped and I am feeling much more "normal" no real signs or indications that labor is impending anytime soon.  Miss Elle is loving having me home and we are both enjoying our daily walks, playing at the park, and many many daytime naps.  All in all, I am trying to relax, breathe, contain my overwhelming excitement and enjoy this quiet time before our little girl arrives.