Surfing at Croyde

The drive to North Devon - first sight of water Tim walking back after a 2 hour surf session

Beautiful sky over Croyde

By our third weekend in England, Tim was getting a bit homesick, missng the ocean. We decided to make a trek to North Devon in search of waves. Our drive from Windsor accross the English countryside was so beautiful often passing by sheep in the middle of the road. Thanks to a great book from Ben and Annett about surfing in the UK we knew exactly where we were headed. We first stopped at a small town called Lynmouth which was at the mouth of the Lyn River. The town was a quite but beautiful place where the forest stretched all the way to the sea. Although the surf was not up, we had a great lunch and spent time sitting by the river.

Destined to find surf we headed to the west coast of North Devon which is more consistent for surf due to its westerly exposure. Two hours later we landed in Croyde, the surf capital of Devon where the surf was fantastic and the beach was packed with vacationers and locals taking advantage of the waves. We stayed the night in nearby Barnstaple so Tim could go surfing early in the morning. We tried the local Mexican restaurant in Barnstaple which used chili powder sauce instead of salsa and accidentally put sugar on the rim of our margaritas...looks like we're going to miss that for another few months.


  1. Hi Tim and Kaitlin,
    I have been enjoying your blog and just figured out how to sign up, I think. Anyway, thanks for including us all in your adventures!
    Lots of Love, Sue and Paul

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Hey guys! Sounds like good times man. Did you bring your own board or just rent one?
    The last time I was in England was years ago....I Didnt get to surf, but I Loved the town of Bath. My fav. Good times.
    Oh yeah, Congrats to you two! : )


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