Bumbershoot 2010, Seattle, and D&K&E&E

Tim's 11th year in a row to Bumbershoot (and my 5th year or so) has come and gone, and it was another great year! I managed to go (rain and shine) for all 3 days, however midway through the 3rd day, I had to let my poor feet rest and get a ride outta there! There wasn't anyone in particular that I was dying to see this year, aside from Jenny Lewis, but it ended up being one of my favorite years for music. I also got a treat when I noticed Anita Robinson and Kevin Robinson playing in the background with Bobby Bare! Tim and I had just created the ultrasound video with Viva Voce's song Alive with Pleasure, so it was ironic to catch them on stage unexpectedly.. if only it was a Viva Voce performance!!

Playing with the nieces adds a special dimension to the week as well. This year the top games were hula hooping in the backyard, backyard odd ball dance move interpretations soccer practice for Emily's new league, and of course, as I lovingly call it: BASEMENT JAIL games. This year consisted of mostly "farm yard" and "babies." I call it "jail" because once those girls pull you down there, there's no escape. Playing upstairs in the common areas is completely unacceptable to them because their auntie Kaitlin may take the focus of them for a moment to talk to Tim, laugh with Kirsten or, gasp, their mom might need them to brush their teeth.

It is so fun to play with those girls though, they are so creative with their toys and the intricate story lines they think up. I was glad I avoided being the horsie each time we played farm though, because it involved crawling around on all fours, having a fidgety 3 year sit on your back (not to mention the said 3 year old is in control of the beaded "leash" that the horsie wears). I got to be the head farmer, feeding the animals, cleaning the pins, preparing cupcakes and ice cream for horsie's birthday celebration, and occasionally chasing down an escaped horsed or two.  I also got to build a new horse pin for when there just wasn't enough space in one pin for both horses (aka saved fun playtime from meltdown central).  Undoubtedly playing with those two sweeties, gets me very excited for meeting my little sweetie to be.  If she is anything like her sweet, creative, funny cousins, Emily and Elena we will be blessed!  Elena even promised when the "baby comes out your belly" that the baby could borrow one of her dress up dresses, but NOT the pink and purple one.  Too funny!

We got to experience the night before school starting again, and go to see Emily off for her first day of 1st grade!  Its fun to watch the girls grow up and to watch "seasoned" parents raise such beautiful girls!

17 week update

forgot to "publish" this at 17 weeks...

I entered my second trimester a few weeks ago and as of today, I started my 17th week. The baby is now 5 in. from head to toe and weighs 5 oz. Time has flown by and I still hardly believe I'm pregnant...I think mostly because I've been pretty lucky as far as symptoms go. With only a few weeks of real fatigue and occasional headaches, I've been able to keep up with my regular tennis league, yoga, hiking and my daily walks with Tim and Elle. My doubles partner last week said I was carrying my baby and her on the court, so I had to laugh about that. I'm trying to get Amgen to offer a prenatal yoga class and the fitness director said she would try to get it on the schedule. Despite all the exercise I'm gradually gaining weight and my little baby bump is growing - my wardrobe has had to be very "creative" lately.  Tim has been taking great care of me, dealing with the occasional (well, occasional in my mind) mood swings, doing extra chores and whipping up some delicious smoothies!

As of today the baby can hear, so I told Tim we have to be extra careful with what we say and I really hope it doesn't mind my singing in the car. Despite the recommendation to expose the baby to "relaxing and calming" tunes, I couldn’t help but to blast Daft Punk in the car to work this morning.. nothing like getting this tiny dancer moving in the AM and exposing it to electronica early on.  This new milestone is also just in time for our annual trip to Seattle for Bumbershoot, where the baby will be hearing lots of great music.

As far as cravings, the baby cannot get enough smoothies...I wish there was a Jamba Juice attached to our house!! Baby has no food aversions...so I'm taking this as a sign that they will be a good eater (fingers crossed). Things are going to get really exciting in the week or so because we'll be finding out the gender - and hopefully the little one will be making enough movements for flutters in my belly (if Daft Punk doesn’t do it, I’m not sure what will). Tim and I both think it's a boy...well, Tim is praying it's a boy and I just have a “feeling.”

We decided that the nursery will be in the "fish tank" room and we've started to slowly envision it transformed. I'm hoping the fish tank will be a nice white noise maker and nice visual with the "nemos" swimming around. Elle is looking forward to having a little one around....more toys, more crumbs, more cuddles.