a few more off Elle at Campus Point

finally our new camera!

We finally got the camera we have been talking about buying forever! We were so excited to use it this morning with the most beautiful backdrop... UCSB! We took a little walk down Isla Vista memory lane, visiting the on-campus dorms, drove by KKG, checked out the new engineering buildings, Tim's old pad on Sabado, ate breakfast burritos from Cantina, saw numerous friends former homes that we vaguely remembered from late nights, and took a beautiful sunrise walk down to campus point. We didn't see any Snowy Plovers so we let Elle off leash so she could romp in the ocean. These two pictures of Elle shaking her head after some wave jumping are exactly why I love this new camera!

Martha's pole dancing

When I watched Martha Stewart today, I could not believe she was going to actually pole dance.. and the weirdest part is that it actually looked like a lot of fun! I have seen the all the housewives do it.. but ....Martha... come on, it was a bit of a surprise. My friend Sherri actually owns a pole, so now I just need to sneak in her house and try it when no one is looking!

Whole Body Action Plan

Feed a flu and starve a cold right? Well my cold is very timely since I am starting Martha Stewart's 4 week Body + Soul Whole Body Action Plan today.. and it starts with a 4 day "detox" via almost all liquid diet! Eak! Luckily being sick does not make me have a huge appetite. So I will rely on being sick more then discipline for the moment.

The Schedule is:

Week 1 Purify and Assess - Detox soups and smoothies
Week 2 Dive In
Week 3 Amp It Up (this one scares me already)
Week 4 Make Lasting Changes - Reflect and Improve

Week 2 sounds the best, as you try to eat at least 7 servings of veggies and fruit daily and they "challenge" you to go vegetarian for main dishes (pretty sure I can do at least that), and do yoga! I think I can do that.. the problem is week 3. Week 3 you have to "chew slowly" making each meal last 30 minutes, pump iron, and build up a sweat.. I need to take on day at a time thought, and will have to face week 3 at week 3.

In addition to Martha's plan I am going to try to avoid cheese, soda, and milk for the next four weeks, try to keep up with the 4 week journal, play tennis and hula hoop more! Lets see if I can stick with it! Anyone care to sign up for the challenge, its not too late!