Highlights from 2008

So, since I haven't blogged since the middle of my England Adventure about 2 years ago, I thought I should do a little recap of some of the highlights from 2008. Am I missing anything? If so let me know and I will accept, based on how big of a highlight I believe it to be ; )

Leave my job in commercial escrow at First American.
Meet Warren G on New Years in Orange County, Annett asks him if he wants to "do something"
Move from Orange County to Ventura and buy a new home in River Park.
Find my new job at Amgen as a Paralegal for the Legal Group in Clinical Contracting.
Paint our living room a baby blue that does not work, paint the guest rooms silver sage that we love.
Go snowboarding at Big Bear!
Find my new Morning Wake Up Yoga class with Katherine, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:15am, and make new Yoga friends.
Meet Jill and Jeremy in Vegas for their annual birthday trip! Palms hotel is amazing.
Mandy comes to visit before leaving for Florida and moving to New York.

Meeting up with Michelle for lunches on her trips up and down the 101
Suffered terrible pain from gallstones found by ultrasound, and schedule a surgery date to have my gallbladder removed (realization that my body thinks I am old due to my favorite drink being a seven and seven).
Go down to San Diego for Kevin's SDSU college graduation!
Take amazing pain killer pills.
Have surgery (by a surgeon that "walks on water" in my mind) and remove gallbladders - pain free now!
My parents come to help take care of me and Tim.
Amgen's "summer shutdown" - are you serious? This company rocks!
I celebrate my 28th birthday and Tim treats me to a day spa and massage at the Ojai Resort and Spa
Annett's bachelorette party in Palm Springs! What happens in Palm Springs stays in Palm Springs.
Tim and I celebrate our 2 year anniversary of our 8/5/06 wedding with a romantic dinner with views of the ocean!
My friend Andrew comes to visit from the bookstore I worked at while we were living in Windsor, England.
Annual trip to Seattle for bumbershoot! (Tim and Dan's 9th year, my 5th year). Hang out with D&K&E&E - my favorite performances: Band of Horses, Black Keyes and Joe Bonamassa
We meet and adopt our sweetie dog, Elle.
Hiking trips in Santa Barbara!
Ben and Annett get married September 13, 2008 by far one of the most beautiful weddings ever!
We sit VIP at the MGMT, Spoon, & Beck concert at Hollywood bowl!
My first camping trip at Jalama Beach in SB!
Jill comes for a baby shower in Camarillo and to see our place and meet Elle, we try out the high security Watermark in Ventura.
Meet up with our friends, the Nacelli's in Orange County.
Meet up with the Malones in San Diego for the American Cancer Society Walk at Balboa Park.
Plan to be one of "those girls" on Halloween with my friend Molly in downtown Ventura - success.
Participate in Amgen's 2008 Tennis Open tournament. Come in 3rd place for Women's Doubles!

Barack Obama defeated John McCain and became the first African American to be elected President of the United States, I will always remember watching his victory speech up in my bed --- "change has come to America"
Start tutoring for a sweet 5 year old Daisy every Wednesday night - she is so smart!
Spend Christmas in Lafayette with all our family.

Sign up to take a winter quarter legal studies class for Contract Law at UCSB extension.
Trip to New York with the Malones to see Mandy and celebrate New Years in the big apple.

Purchase my first pair of Wellies (I think that's a highlight!)


  1. yahoo! an update!

  2. For the record, Annett's account of NYE and my account of NYE are different. She doesn't remember asking Warren G if he wants to 'do something', though I definitely do remember it.

  3. Yay For Your blog!!

  4. For 2009... kiddies?! :)

  5. Annett11:16 AM

    great highlights!

  6. K-Slice, i'm hurt you forgot such a big hightlight of 2008...
    Getting in contact with your previous hippy self!

    And making jam for the first time... that didnt kill anyone..

  7. no one has died yet.. eak!


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