Where has Guitar Hero been my whole life?

(Rockstar hair is a must ...and yes .... primary color plastic wigs scream rockstar)

So thanks to Jonathan, Jason, and Molly I finally “get” the rave about guitar hero (probably the last person on the planet to play it, if anyone hasn’t IT’S NOT TOO LATE). But anyways I had been stressing for weeks when Jonathan invited me over for his Wii party. I honestly thought I was going to have to sing and know how to actually read music. Anyone who knows me, knows I get sweaty hot when I get nervous, and so I have had my fan on all week. I was hoping that J & J were going to “ease” me into this guitar hero/karaoke nightmare that I was certain was in front of me. When I got there Jonathan promptly handed me a lemon twist with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a salt/sugar twist on things (that even Debbie would be proud of) that I proceeded to down that in a mere seconds. THEN a moment later the infamous guitar hero was popped in (not even a second to ease into this Wii party with a more familiar game like bowling or tennis). It was to my amazement that there was so singing, and no C minor anywhere! I watched as you didn’t need vocal cords or musical talent whatso ever! As soon as I “completed” Steve Millers “Joker” I was hooked. Despite Jonathan clapping notes and stomped his feet (envision: a crazy intense stage mom) behind me and Molly complaining behind me “My brain doesn’t work like that!” I wanted to rock on, I was a superstar!! Now when I hear songs on the radio I can see them in three beautiful colors (I’m still on easy) green, red, yellow, with the notes and the frets flying at me. Oh how I wish I had that whammy right then and there. My world has changed and I am happy to embrace guitar hero into it. Wonder what Ben and Annett are doing this weekend?

Although the above is a view into my personal epiphany about guitar hero, I have to mention what wonderful hosts Jonathan and Jason are, and how I gain at least 5 pounds every time I go there (so much weight in fact, that my feet have been under extreme pressure lately and have grown half a size in the past 6 months). I also have to mention what a wonderful husband I have. Tim was supposed to come over too, but stayed at home to wait for Stanley Steamer to clean our carpets and couch (envision: a dog chewing on a pen, the pen exploding into blue ink puddle [on white carpet], and then dog tracks that blue ink all over the house [including all over the white] couch]). While I was participating in an impromptu dance party to Scissor Sisters [a few lemon twists down at this point] and posing for [over a hundred] photo booth pics , my amazing hubby was at home, caring after the [devil] doggie and ensuring our white [need to rethink our white choices] house got cleaned… not to mention knocking off at least half of the household “to do” list! You really couldn’t ask for a better other half, and I am so lucky! So of course I dedicate all my guitar hero “rocking on” to him… he is forever my muse.

Scissor Sisters show down

Negative Nancy

Boxing show down

Jason in all his glory

Do rockstars really sit up that straight (PS notice "Stage Mom" to my right)


  1. I only clap and stomp like a stage mom because I want everyone to understand the rhythm, timing, and notes like I do! "red, yellow, green green yellow" (while stomping and clapping. Too funny!

  2. annett10:56 AM

    can you believe that I have not had a chance to participate in the phenomenon that is Guitar Hero?? I feel like there is always something else to do when Ben starts it up. Looks like fun though. :)

  3. "Haven't had a chance"? I call BS. I offered the last time I was playing, but her "something else to do" was playing that damn Nintendo DS that has been surgically attached to her hands since I gave it to her.

    Want us to bring the Xbox and the guitar with us for the Super Bowl?

  4. hopefully the Ninetendo DS can help us whip up some amazing food! Can we plan the menu now, and YES please bring!!!

  5. Ben - can you also show me how to make my blog look more snazzy?

  6. Annett7:41 AM

    BS? I don't recall any such invitation to participate in Guitar Hero...besides, I always assumed the XBox was a boys only toy and the DS was to keep me busy while you played with your toy. ;)


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