Lizard Rock Hike

Recently, I have been trying to do a lot of hikes with the Amgen non official hiking club. Its been really fun and every hike has been very different. The last hike was called Lizard Rock in Thousand Oaks. There were some beautiful vistas, streams, waterfalls, and amazing plants! It was a great hike and our little Elle is quite the hiker! Here are some pics of the day:

Surprise waterfall! We stumbled upon it!

Moving on upstream (Kathy, Kaitlin and Leonie)

Doesn't this plant look like it has black hearts?! I love it!

There's Elle playing fetch near the waterfall!

Surprise teepee?! Why does it look like Elle is cracking up at us? Ha!

There were many beautiful cactus

My little loves, Elle and Tim

Cheryl and Leonie working their way up the hill

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