Will you marry me...

Last Monday, I got a great call from Shanna, letting me know that she and Joel are engaged! She was on speaker phone so Tim and I could hear all the details of Joel’s well thought out and romantic plan together! Tim snapped some pics of me while I was crying and laughing listening to the story, he thought I was an emotional mess (admittedly, I was)!!!

Joel is such a sweetheart and one of the most down to earth people I know... and Shanna...what can I say, but I love that girl. Shanna is one of my closest and dearest friends and we have been friends ever since the first day we meet at UCSB! I think Shanna and Joel are really lucky to have found each other and their relationship has been growing ever since they started dating. During the "best summer ever" Shanna and I lived together on DP with an amazing ocean view at our backdoor… and that summer things really started blossoming between the two love bugs... I remember helping Shanna pump up an "ocean" raft that she and Joel were going to take a cruising that day! She came back from that date all smiles and couldn't stop talking about him. That night Shanna and I would eat our refried beans, drink our ghost pina coladas, jump on our "beds" (in high heels), then fell asleep to John Mayer's "Your Body Is My Wonderland".. I knew Joel was in her dreams that night... and has been ever since!

I think as we all left college, there has been a huge/hard transition into the "real" world.. and finding ourselves has not always been easy, I give Shanna and Joel a lot of credit to be able to transition with all their "real" life changes together, and ride out those relationship bumps that are inevitable. I know that Shanna and Joel will bring a life time of joy to each other, and to everyone that knows that beautiful, sweet, down to earth, kind, and fun couple! I love you both and wish you all the best in the most amazing time that is a head of you!

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