Eating spiders while asleep.. a myth?

You know the myth/non myth about eating like 4 spiders in your lifetime while you are sleeping.. well just in case, I decided to take a POW last night (its not a spider, but falls into the "other" bug category). Its the WORST while Tim is out of town and I see a bug, since generally speaking, he "deals with" any bug issues (I have my own independent non bug roles). Anyhoo last night Elle woke up at 3am to throw up some remote control pieces she ate this week (this is the 4th remote control we've had to replace). While cleaning up dog throw up, I noticed a bug right by the bed, who, undoubtedly, was was going to head up the bed skirt, onto the comforter, onto the pillow and then right into my mouth. Now, the myth/non myth I have heard is only for spiders, so I am not even sure (in addition to spiders) how many "other" bugs crawl down your throat as you sleep too. The POW is still upstairs waiting for Tim to get back to "deal with" it - and in the meantime, I have a feeling that my little (not so innocent) BFF Elle, has been having thoughts of double crossing me.. even knowing that I cleaned up her dog puke last night!! I can't believe her! If only she understood English, I would explain how these myths go, and hope she understands that I am just trying to protect my myself, but now she just thinks its a game. She has been staring at this little black bug for hours with the most intensity and interest, and quite frankly, I think she's going to double cross me to let the bug out. In fact, when I asked her why she kept staring at the bug, she rolled over and started doing her gitty dog roll on her back, flailing her legs and tail all over the place.. now I have to keep an eye on both of them.


  1. Eating a spider in my sleep may just be my worst nightmare.... haha

  2. Anonymous11:29 AM

    hahahahah... Spiders are protein Kaitlin! My worst fear... a snake hiding in my mattress. OMG!

    - Deb


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