Welcome to Glitterville!

Dear Glitterville,

If, heaven forbid, something happens to my job, I am going to apply to work here asap (I don't even need benefits). I love your motto that every day is a holiday, and that all your days sparkle and shine, and I can already see myself working with glitter all day ever day (PS Love every thing except the bathroom buddies, that's even a bit too much don't you think?!)

Glitterville has a few gorgeous glittered stacking boxes and over the top glittered birthday crowns in the Amgen gift shop, and now that I have had time to explore their over-the top candy land / sugarplum fairy infused website, I am sold.. land of polka dot socks, Glitterville birthday vintage inspired cupcake holders, hanging treats, halloween glittered treasures, oh my ... of course the man behind it, is a bit over the top, but I guess you have to be to produce larger then life glittered lollipops for a living.

Love, K-Sparkle

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