Niagara Falls

After our Toronto trip, Tim and I headed to Niagara, New York. Tim had business meetings all week, so I worked in the hotel room during the day and we explored at night. The actual falls exceeded my expectations, and they honestly took my breath away. We stayed on the US side of the falls, however walked across the border to the Canada side everyday for the spectacular views and beautiful lush parks on that side of the falls. One day, while Tim was in meetings I walked all around the US side, and got some great pics with my phone.. the US side had some amazing view points where you were literally at the falls edge! Scary, but beautiful! During the night they shine lights over the falls, and it’s the most gorgeous spectacle! It looks like rainbow sherbet ice cream is rushing down! We got to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary on the Canada side enjoying a concert at the falls, and fireworks! It was the perfect way to celebrate!

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