Giada De Laurentiis book signing

I used to never trust her.

I couldn't bare to watch her melt all that Italian cheese over crostini after crostini after crostini and still be a size 0 (at most).  Then..things changed.  I gave in to her 2 cups of finely shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano, her 1 lb of penne pasta, half cup of olive oil and handful of fresh chopped basil - and it was incredible.

I think her new(er) show "Giada At Home" got me hooked because I wasn't that interested in her previous show, Everyday Italian.  At "home" she makes easier, lighter recipes that are inspired by fresh seasonal food she picks up.   I got a chance to meet her last weekend and have her sign her new book for me, and she couldn't be a sweeter person.  Since I had 4 books for her to sign, I got a little more face time with her and got to tell her how much I love it when her aunt, Raffy, comes on the show to cook with her.  Giada said she was happy to hear that because those are her favorite shows too, and she mentioned that one must have just aired because she got tons of fan mail loving it.  She also wanted to know who all my books were for, so I got to tell her about some wonderful people in my life that are fans of her too.  I took Tim's advise and didn't get too stalker-ish he suggested  that I avoid talking about her house in Malibu, her daughter Jade, her husband (Todd) and his job at Anthroplogie, our common love of yoga, that I only wear her color nail polish, and I didn't even comment on her pepper mill that I am dying to have.  Oh, and I didn't ask if she wanted to be my BFF, although I was thinking about it.

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