34 week update

Originally I was thinking it would be fun to blog every few weeks about the pregnancy, but in reality, been fun to just enjoy it, and forgot blogging.  I have a few pregnancy journals that I have been keeping up on, and its crazy to read all the changes since the beginning!

I have to say that my employer, Amgen has been amazing during my pregnancy!  The fitness director put a prenatal yoga class on the group fitness calender a few weeks after I requested it, and really supported the idea!  It feels so great to work for a company that truly cares about the well being of its employees. The class ended  few weeks ago, and the yoga teacher was also Tim and my childbirth class instructor (those classes also offered on Amgen's campus).

My tennis league ended a few weeks ago, and (ironically) I had been playing the best tennis the further and further my pregnancy got!  I think the extra belly weight got my momentum going fast to get short shots I typically wouldn't have gotten to.  Since tennis is done, I am thinking about finding the biggest bathing suit ever and swimming a bit with Tim... hopefully the other "serious" swimmers don't mind the slow moving, kick board using, bright purple swim cap and goggle wearing, prego lady in the lanes next to them.

But, enough about me, here's what we know so far about HER, courteous of our favorite ultrasound tech, Paula (P.S. strike one for mother's intuition on the gender).
  • 26 percentile for size, Dr. is estimating weight at delivery: 6lbs 12 oz (on the petite side, which is A-okay with me)
  • My nose
  • Tim's long second toe (passed down from a long line of Malone's with the same) 
  • Tim's long legs (well, this one hasn't actually been confirmed.. or even suggested for that matter, but I'd like to think so)
  • Large patch of hair at back of head,  a.k.a peach fuzz mullet
  • In the "ready position" (head down, chin down)
  • Favorite yoga moves: blissful baby and double pigeon
... but enough about HER, back to ME. Fun facts about this stage of the pregnancy:
  • Swollen feet
  • Cankles like I have never seen before
  • Running into things with belly
  • Washing dishes standing at an angle
  • Feel like a rotisserie chicken at night, turning from side to side
  • Pregnancy shirts are starting to look like crop tops
  • Oompa Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do days, quite frequently
  • Loving that perfect strangers smile at me constantly and wishing their heartfelt congratulations
  • She thinks its hilarious to start kicking while I am practically asleep in savasana
  • She will follow my iphone light with kicks and punches when I move around my belly 
Before Tim's work holiday party

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