addiction while I wait for baby

Well, I am officially on maternity leave from Amgen and have started what feels like a new job.. researcher (Senior Associate).  I told Tim that when I go into labor, he is going to literally rip my hands off the keyboard and drag me to the hospital.  What started as a simple project to look at family names, possible inspiration for baby names, has turned into a full on research project, going beyond documents found on the websites, to DVRing 3 hour long documentaries on US history in the 30's to fill in blanks in my research.. to say I am obsessed is an understatement!  One huge highlight has been getting in touch with one of my mom's long lost cousins in Canada! She has pictures of her mom and my grandfather and their parents!  Its really incredible.. and my mom's side has really been quite a mystery and fully of family treasures that are slowing being reveled.  As of right now, I know our little girl has lots of Irish blood from both sides of the family, Italian blood, French blood, and close roots to Canada and America's Midwest farm lands in Iowa and Indiana.  I am also getting quite the history lesson trying to piece together bits of information I am finding.  Who knew maternity leave would fly by so fast by my new obsession.. now I just need to pack my hospital bag (has been on the "baby to do list" for well over a month now) ....I just need to bring myself to part from my ancestry workstation here!

Aside from little kick, jabs and various baby body rolls of sorts, my body is still feeling pretty "normal" (for being pregnant, that is).  I was wondering what it was going to feel like days before my due date, but really, not much has changed.  In fact, now that I have stopped working (my paid day job that is) the Braxton Hicks "practice" contractions have stopped and I am feeling much more "normal" no real signs or indications that labor is impending anytime soon.  Miss Elle is loving having me home and we are both enjoying our daily walks, playing at the park, and many many daytime naps.  All in all, I am trying to relax, breathe, contain my overwhelming excitement and enjoy this quiet time before our little girl arrives.


  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    You are SO CUTE and funny! I love your blog and can't wait to hear more. Keep writing, I'm loving it. And, best wishes for a quick delivery!!!! Just think, the faster you push that baby out, the sooner you can get back on Heheh! - Christina

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement Christina!!


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