At Last

Congratulations Barack Obama! I just love this picture of the family! I was all smiles when I heard that Michelle was wearing J. Crew throughout Inauguration Day.. hopefully she's a fan of Ann Taylor too!!


  1. Annett7:28 AM

    I love it! Did you hear that those JCrew gloves as well as the girls JCrew outfits will be available NEXT fall...crazy!

  2. I didn't know the girls were wearing J. Crew!!! Love it! Where did you get this info?? (You know I canceled US Weekly right, you have to keep me updated!)

  3. Annett11:40 AM

    haha - I think it was the morning after the inauguration on the Today show or one of the daytime talk shows. This morning, on the Today show, they had some lady replicating the girls outfits since they are not availble yet. She had little girls in a cute coat in the same color and style and then a regular ribbon tied around the waist. Cute, but I would just wait for it to become available.

  4. Annett11:41 AM

    BTW...what did you think of Michelle's white gown?? I LOVED it!!!

  5. LOVED it too!

    Do you know if that was J.Crew? It was amazing!!

  6. Annett9:49 AM

    OMG - that would be awesome if her gown was JCrew ... alas, only her gloves were JCrew that day. (Jason Wu designed her gown, BTW)


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