My Husband the Wiz

While I was busy watching The Real Housewives.. Tim was busy building a computer. This is not something that would have been personally be enjoyable to me (not to mention that there is no way I would have ever figured how HOW to do it..).... I am still so in shock that he made a computer. I keep laughing out loud, and honestly, when he told me he wanted a "motherboard" for Christmas I just smiled and nodded because I had no idea what a motherboard was.. who knows, it could have been a fancy new surfboard.. but I have to say I am very impressed with his dedication to this project and with how amazing our new "custom" computer is! Sometimes I wish I could take a sneak peek into the workings of his mathematical mind!

Oh, also, I do have to say, Elle was there barking instructions to him.. I am sure that helped too!

I believe this is the motherboard

Elle, the mastermind behind it all


  1. Now we just need to get him a copy of Links to install on it.

  2. Please don't say the L word (not the show), I will never see him again.

  3. Yay for boys building computers while we watch shows!!


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