Clare's and Craig's wedding in Indiana

At the end of January Tim and I headed to Indiana for my cousins Clare's wedding to her new husband Craig. The wedding was at a beautiful venue called Riverwalk Lodge. I presume usually during the summer the lodge is over a stunning river, but since her wedding was on January 31, this beautiful river was frozen over, with fresh snow covering it! It was completely stunning and a big change from the 80 degree weather we were leaving in Ventura. Clare was a beautiful bride and the wedding was really touching. I loved the music that she selected for the ceremony.. in particular the music that kicked off the ceremony.. I believe it was Ben Harper.. VERY fitting! It was great to catch up with the family and see everyone. Cassie and Carrie are both pregnant and I am so excited for both of them! One of my favorite moments of the wedding is when I found out that Chris Krack had Scissor Sister "Don't Feel Like Dancing" on his ipod and that just made the night! The wedding DJ borrowed the song, and we ended the wedding with a all out dance party to this song, which everyone left at the wedding joined in (including my aunt Ruth and Mama)! It was so fun!

We also got to catch up with Tim and Jenn Fickle, who we hadn't seen since their wedding back in Indiana! We stayed with them in their cute house and met their sweet cats and we got to play a lot of Wii! They introduced us to Wii fit, where we did yoga (I got so sweaty I had to change). Also for the record my Wii age is 27 (one year less then my real age). I also really enjoyed the hula hooping and Tim was really good at the boxing. We also got to play Wii at my uncle Stan and Aunt Fran's house when they had us over for dinner the first night we were there. We did lots of bowling and boxing. I have to mention that when my grandma was given the opportunity to bowl a frame, she took it.. AND she bowled a STRIKE the very first shot! It was so great to see my grandma bowl on Wii!! Incredible! It was also great to see Arin Graves and her son who I (finally) got to meet and she (finally) got to meet Tim! What a sweetie!!! We had a great short little trip for Clare's wedding and we always have a fun time when we visit Indiana!
Before the wedding on the riverwalk

Gorgeous setting!

Chuck walking Clare down the isle

Father daughter dance

Jenn and Tim

Mama and me

Uncle Stan, Mama, Me and Aunt Ruth

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