Mammoth (Part 1: Robot Love)

Since I am still sick (last week I had a head cold and this week I have the flu [as confirmed by Mammoth Mountain urgent care]) I barely have enough energy or enthusiasm to write about our recent trip snowboarding to Mammoth Mountain [as Tim deems one of his "favorite new places in California"]. I plan to, but just not yet. Instead I would like pose a question. Before our trip Tim convinced me that we both needed snowboarding helmets. Of course I laughed at the thought, but then when he brought HIS helmet home, fully equipped with an ipod hookup with internal speakers inside (!!!!) I OBVIOUSLY needed one too.. I told Tim I was going to look like a robot, and he assured me I would look cool in my new helmet...

Do you think I had a point?

Don't you think my picture would work perfectly here


  1. Annett10:27 PM


    I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. Isn't it dangerous to snowboard / ski with headphones on (for the same reason you shouldn't drive a car with headphones)?

  3. Also ... if you had seen Star Wars, you'd know that Storm Troopers are not robots, but instead clones of a human being.

  4. Yes, good point about the Storm Troopers being clones of human beings instead of robots, I am not sure how I could have possibly overlooked that. Rats, I think that just killed my chance of being on totally robot... (also ironically, MY helmet didn't come with the build in speakers). I am sure Tim's will be outlawed someday.

  5. OMG I am DYING right now! This is hilarious!


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