Resisting break room cookies

Reasons why I should/could eat one of these Girl Scout Samoas aka Carmel deLites sitting in the "please help your self" spot in our break room :

1. Taste of childhood nostalgia

2. I burned off calories already this morning doing yoga

3. If it was a Thin Mint I would have to have at least 5

4. It doesn't have peanut butter, and isn't part of the current pb warnings

5. Coconut has important nutritional value

6. It might leave my sweet tooth satisfied all day

7. Eating one will get one step closer to getting this box out of the break room

8. Make Jill and Mrs. Hunt proud

Reasons why I shouldn't eat one:

1. I don't like coconut or Samoas

Therefore, I believe (as the box is clearly reminding me), it will take me courage, confidence, and character NOT to eat one. Wonder if those reminders would hold up if on a Thin Mint box?


  1. ok, this made me laugh out loud! I am a girl scout cookie addict. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I ordered ZERO boxes this year, and have yet to see a box at work, or girls selling them outside of the grocery store (another reason I only go to Trader Joe's). I just started liking coconut about a year ago, and these cookies should be illegal! Stay strong k-slice! Don't we have a shopping reward day coming up or something? I'm back on track trying to lose the 10 lbs I gained since the cruise.

  2. carly3:37 PM

    Ha! This is hilarious K! So did you give in???


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