color theory lesson

When I have free time after watching Project Runway I love looking into the newest fashions from the guest judges.. mostly to find their most ridiculous new looks... stuff that I am sure Micheal Kors would make fun of if it came down the runway. Last show Tory Burch was the guest judge and she criticized Amy's "child and grown-up" look saying "I’m not sure that blue and orange are complementary." This was funny to me for two reasons, I remember learning in art class that blue and orange are, in fact, complementary colors.. and because of Tory Burch's new Spring 2010 tulip print matching separates outfit (which I am sure is undoubtedly high fashion) ... just seems ridiculous. I would actually prefer to wear Amy's "clown" pants if given the choice. In the meantime I will brush up on color theory and continue checking out the latest looks coming down the runway.


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    love this, for me for you and etsy!

  2. Maybe she meant "complImentary." Like, those colors are complementary, but they aren't complimentary.

    Or did I just blow your mind?

  3. Thanks Pat, you did just blow my mind! ;)


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