The last time I lost my voice was a NKOTB concert

Friday night we went to see my favorite band Metric in LA, and I am still paying for it. Metric is one of those amazing bands that has the most incredible energy during shows, songs that have been written by a real poet, and a beat that keeps you wanting to sing and dance for hours. The issue is when you are up late on a Friday night singing and dancing for those amazing few hours, you might just lose your voice and have to stay home all week due to the worst sore throat EVER... (on top of that, you might even get a conjunctivitis infection the 7th day after the show randomly). The moment that really put me over the top on my health landslide came during the encore, when Emily and Jimmy returned to the stage and invited the audience for an acoustic sing along to Combat Baby, well, SURE, thank you, I will turn it up a notch (didn't even realize that was possible) and join in!!

For a big acoustic sing along, if 1.) don't have the mic in your hand (which I can't stand not having - especially for a big moment like this), 2.) you need to be heard over a sea of equally excited Metric fans (why I felt the need for the band to actually hear me, I cannot say), 3.) its your favorite band so you want your concert neighbors to know that you, truly, know every single lyric, you really have to belt it out, right? At least when I went to see NKOTB (a.k.a "New Kids" back then) Jill and I were trying to lose our voice so when we showed up for Alexis Machado's sleep over everyone would be jealous (well, actually they would also hopefully be jealous of our crimped hair and concert buttons - the problem was that we couldn't tell all the girls that Joey waved at me until a few days later, oh the agony!).

Here's a clip of Combat Baby from the show I found, since I was right up front by the stage and under where the person was filming, I am surprised I can't hear myself! ; )

Also, for anyone who doesn't know Metric, here's the same song, better quality filming from one of their other shows

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